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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Better Together Than Apart

Hello world! I hope everyone is doing well today!

Yesterday I gave you the challenge to eat at least one cup of beans and/or whole grains. I hope you all met this challenge because, if you did, I'm about to tell you all the ways you helped your body out today!! :) Here we go....

So, did you know that beans and whole grains both struggle with the fact that neither one of them is a complete protein source? (Not saying there is a bean sitting in a therapist's office somewhere trying to cope with it's lacking abilities, just saying it needs a little help from it's buddy - whole grain). So, from this point forward, just think of Mr. Bean (the food, not the actor) and Mr. Whole Grain as best friends. :)

Yes, it's okay to eat beans and whole grains separate, but you won't be doing your body nearly as much good unless you eat them together. They are like soul completes the other. <3 Aww! In other words, their proteins are complementary, and when eaten together, all of the super important amino acids that our bodies need are provided at one time rather than only getting half at one sitting. Whole grains contain high levels of the amino acid methionine, while beans contain high levels of the amino acid lysine. Both amino acids mentioned here are essential to our bodies and can only be obtained through our diets, so it just makes more since to eat them together! :)

Beans and whole grains provide a multitude of other benefits as well, to include:

  • Fiber - great for the digestive tract; leaves you feeling less hungry after eating smaller meals; balances blood sugar levels

  • Iron - used to create red blood cells

  • Complex Carbs - (these are the good kind of carbs that should be eaten in moderation...I'll be going into these in a later blog)

  • Several other vitamins (i.e. niacin, B vitamins, riboflavin, etc.)

  • Low in fat

  •  Linked to preventing (or lowering the risk of) diabetes (type 2), cancer, and heart disease
Click here for more information on the benefits of whole grains and beans or here or here!

I'm just full of links tonight! :) I hope you enjoyed this brief lesson on the benefits of eating beans and whole grains! I love learning and sharing something new every day about food and fitness and I hope all of you are enjoying this blog as much as I am!!

Tomorrow's challenge is more about what we drink  rather than what we eat:

It's time for the final challenge of "eating our way through the rainbow:" You're in the clear! Clear stage of color that is....Drink Water!!! (drink at least 64 other words 8 (8 oz) bottles :)

This is one of THE most important challenges yet!!! Come back tomorrow and find out all of the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of drinking enough water! :)
*Disclaimer: All of the information provided here is the opinion of the author after thorough research of medical surveys, medical reports, and medical/government web site information. It has not been reviewed by a medical professional and results cannot be guaranteed by the author. Consult with your doctor before planning any diet or fitness changes.


  1. enjoyed my first cooking lesson last night. The food was good and check it out, you had me following the above "rule" without me knowing it! So inspired by you! ~ Kori

  2. I'm so glad you had fun during our first "clean eating" cooking lesson! It was fun to teach you about Quinoa! It's one of my absolute favorites...AND YES!...without even planning it, we helped you follow the grains and beans advice! :) YAY for bonuses!