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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Life Source Neglected

Hello everyone! Today we are on day seven of our "Eat the Rainbow" Challenge! How is everyone feeling? If you completed the challenge, congratulations!!! If you keep it up every week, your body will be thanking you and so will your doctor. ;-)

It's easy to make excuses not to do the "Eat the Rainbow" Challenge: "fruits and vegetables are too expensive," "healthy food doesn't taste good," "I take vitamins to get the nutrients my body needs." Well, think of it this way, eating healthy is the simplest way to give your body what it needs and, once you remove the junk from your diet, you will actually be saving money! :) Plus, would you rather eat junk now and have thousands of dollars of medical bills later from type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. brought on by a poor diet, or would it be a better idea overall to spend a little extra at the grocery store now and live a healthy life? Hopefully you choose the latter!

Good news for the day: Farmer's Markets are officially opening across the U.S. Today is the first Wednesday that most FM's are open, since there is now enough produce coming out of the fields to sell it two days a week!! I love Farmer's Markets! Where else can you buy a month's worth of groceries for $20.00? Plus, many FM's even have spices, grains, eggs, and "clean" meats for sale now! Just last week, I bought five live herbs at the FM and they are now sitting in brightly colored pots along my window sill...making a pretty decorative addition to my living room. :) So, get out and help support your local Farmer's Market today if you can and relish in the idea of having fresh fruits and veggies (among other bonus items) for the rest of the month!

Moving on...

Today's challenge was to drink at least 64 oz. of water. Some of you may still be working on that challenge and I applaud you for giving it all you've got! Why is drinking water so difficult for most people, you might ask? Well, it's one of those things you have to do without feeling a need for it. Most people don't remember to drink water because they don't feel their bodies longing for it the way they do with food. A surprising fact is: 1/4 of the time that you feel hungry, your body is actually thirsty. Yes, your body is able to make you feel thirsty by drying out your mouth, but by that time, you are already somewhat dehydrated. There is no signal for your body to say "hey, I'm getting thirsty over here," like there is for hunger. That's why it's your responsibility to ensure that your body is getting enough water. Of course, water intake usually spikes in the summer with the heat baking our skin and reminding us, but you have to remember to drink it during the cool times too (like when you are sitting inside in the safe zone - a.k.a. air conditioning).

Why is drinking water, rather than juice, Gatorade, soda, alcohol, etc., so important? Let me give you just a few reasons out of many. Water:

*This picture was originally shown on the website in 2013.
  • Since the brain is comprised of 90% water, it should be obvious that it is necessary to replenish the water level in our bodies on a daily basis, however, most don't. This is why doctors often tell patients with headaches or migraines to increase their water intake. As a person becomes dehydrated, the water level in their brain drops, and muscle cramps ensue, thus, leading to headaches and/or migraines. In other words, headaches and/or migraines are a symptom of dehydration. It's your bodies way of telling you "HEY, I NEED WATER!"
  • Blood consists of a high level of water as well - over 80%, while muscles contain over 70%, and bones consist of over 20%. If you begin to feel cramping in any area, your body is crying out for assistance! Give it water before it gets to that point and you won't have to deal with the pain! :)Click here for more information about symptoms of dehydration

Need more reasons to drink water?? How about these benefits:

  • Remember the last time you looked in the mirror and started noticing little wrinkles or cellulite building up around your eyes, mouth, neck, hamstrings, buttocks, etc.? Did you wish for an easy trick to make it all less noticeable? Guess what?!? I have the solution! You don't need expensive creams or injections...the answer is: DRINK MORE WATER! Water keeps skin looking young because it keeps the skin hydrated. You can slap on as much lotion as you want, but if you don't take care of the inside of the skin, the outside will continue to be dry and wrinkles will continue to appear. (It should be noted that drinking water will not make a difference when it comes to stopping acne...This rumor was most likely started by people saying "you have acne, drop the soda and drink water." The water won't clear up the acne. It's simply a tool to use to help you avoid the sugar-and-chemical-laden soda which can cause acne. (Don't believe me, do a little research on Dr. Oz's twin study concerning drinking water).
  • Need a solution to help you lose weight? I've got that too! DRINK WATER!!! Water keeps you feeling full when you start getting the munchies and helps you prevent snacking in-between meals. (Of course, little snacks between meals aren't horrible as long as they are healthy and moderate snacks...but let's face it, the vending machine is right around the corner and there is nothing healthy about it!).
  • Trying to build muscle or tone up?? DRINK WATER! By replenishing the water in your blood cells, they are able to move throughout your body longer without depleting and making you feel tired. This enables you to work out longer and build stronger, leaner muscles! :)
  • Joint Pain? DRINK WATER! Just like spraying some WD-40 on squeaky hinges, our "hinges" need lubrication as well, and water is that lubrication! The more you drink, the better those joints will feel!
  • Feeling sluggish? DRINK WATER! Drinking water can help you feel energized and increase the brain's ability to function quickly and properly.  I recently heard on the radio that drinking at least 16oz. of water as soon as you wake up has been linked to increasing the metabolism as you another boost of energy! :)

Water is soooo important! Click here to find out more about the benefits of drinking water. Keep a glass of water at your desk or in your car to remind yourself to drink it all day long. It's one of the best things you could do for your body! Remember to drink extra on hot days and/or after exercising or getting a massage!!!

Whew! That was a LONG post but SUPER important!

I hope you have a great day!

See you tomorrow!!! :)

*Disclaimer: All of the information provided here is the opinion of the author after thorough research of medical surveys, medical reports, and medical/government web site information. It has not been reviewed by a medical professional and results cannot be guaranteed by the author. Consult with your doctor before planning any diet or fitness changes.


  1. Plus Why Drink Your Calories With Bad For You Drinks When You Can Eat Then :) Great Info On Water!!

  2. Exactly! "When you can eat them with good-for-you food!" AND the best part?!? You can eat more good food than bad food! Like 1 cup of baby carrots = 1/4 of one candy'll feel a lot more full from the carrots for the same amount of calories! :) It's like magic!