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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Bright Addition to Your Health

I did it! I posted at the regularly scheduled time today! Yippee! Now let's see how long I can keep this up. :)

Moving onto the facts...

Just look at those fruits and veggies! Aren't they beautiful?!? Don't they just make you feel instantly happier?! Well, that is because the color yellow is an immediate mood booster for the mind. :) So, the next time you are feeling down, look to yellow fruits and veggies to provide you with an instant pick-me-up.

Not only do yellow fruits and veggies benefit your mind and your outlook on the moment, they also provide plenty of health benefits for the rest of your body. How's that for killing two birds with one stone? :) Such a horrible expression if you think about it!

Yellow fruits and veggies are awesome immune boosters! They are packed full of antioxidants and vitamin C! Vitamin C is known for it's health benefits when it comes to the immune system, but many don't know that it is also a very beneficial nutrient for the eyes, heart, digestive system, teeth, skin, muscles, and bones. Yellow fruits and veggies also contain bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids (Vitamin P) work with Vitamin C to promote health and strength within the body.

When you think about the fact that you can eat a chopped yellow bell pepper with your fish at lunch, spritz your salad with lemon juice at dinner, and/or enjoy a banana smoothie post-workout AND it all helps strengthen your body while reducing the risks of cancer and/or heart problems...yellow fruits and veggies become more fascinating and delicious with each bite!

So, what yellow fruits and/or veggies are you snacking on today to take advantage of all these benefits?  Please share in the comment section below.

Tomorrow's challenge: EAT YOUR GREENS! (at least one cup!)

*All information can be verified on the webMD website

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